Thursday, 17 April 2014

Capacity on demand

Have you ever wondered how you can find out which features were activated when your system was ordered?
All you need to know is your system serial number and this can easily be obtained by running:

 # prtconf | egrep "System Model:|Machine Serial Number:"
System Model: IBM,9111-520
Machine Serial Number: 659B6FC

Now open the IBM web page: and enter your system type and serial number e.g.

System Type: 520
Serial Number: 65 - 9C8BF

You can also learn more about the features ordered from:

The machine ID number contains 12 characters in the following digit format:
       xxyyyyyymmss. The xx positions indicate the system and is always 00. The yyyyyy
       positions contain the unique ID number for the entire system. The mm position
       represents the model ID. The ss position is the submodel number and is always 00.
       The model ID describes the ID of the CPU Planar, not the model of the System as a

       Most machines share a common model ID of 4C.

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