Sunday, 1 June 2014

Add a signature to your emails

These days we are constanly battling against identity theft and spam and we need every bit of help we can get. This is a very handy resource where we can get free email signing certificates for our browsers and popular desktop emailers such as MS Outlook.

To obtain a free certificate visit:

Complete the the simple form and wait until you receive an email asking you to confirm your email address, and then one containing a link to your certificate. The certificate wil be installed in your browser's cache and needs to be imported to your local system before you can install it in your eamil client.

In this example I am using Firefox and Outlook:

Tools->Options->Certificates->View Certificates->Your Certificates:

Select the relevant certificate, vuew the details to confirm it is correct and then select "Backup"
. Give it a meaningful name and save it to your PC. Outlook accepts certificates in PKCS12 format however this may differ for your client so I advise saving it in both formats. You will be prompted protect your Private Key with a password:

You can now import the certificate into your email client. If you are using Outlook select the "File->Options->Trust Center" menu Click "Trust Center Settings" and then "Email Security":

You can now select the "Import/Export"  button and upload your certificate. You will be prompted for the filename and password.

Once the cerificate has been installed select "Add digital signatures to outgoing messages".

All your new emails should now include your digital signature.

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