Monday, 27 October 2014

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 is now available for IBM Power systems

SUSE has just announced  the release of SLES (Suse Linux Enterprise Server) version 12 for IBM Power and x86_64 servers. It is packed with new enterprise features such as full-system rollback, multi-pathing, and live kernel patching, which should reduce downtime and thus appeal to businesses that run critical workloads.

This release is designed for POWER-8 and uses the Little-Endian memory model (AIX and older Linux's are Big-Endian), is SMT8 (Simultaneous multi-threading) aware, and works with  PowerKVM.

Most Linux kernels use Little-Endian so this release increases IBM compatibility between Power and traditional x86 systems. The difference between LE and BE is simply the other that the memory bytes are stored, one starts at the left and works right, the other right to left e.g. if you had a number 123, one stores it in reverse 321.

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