Wednesday, 18 February 2015



The cimserver service is installed as standard with AIX6.1 and the service is started from the “/etc/inittab”:

$ grep cim /etc/inittab

cimservices:2:once:/usr/bin/startsrc -s cimsys >/dev/null 2>&1

This service can be disabled if Director is not installed.

When first installed the cimserver is configured with a test certificate and this can be a problem for your corporate security policy. To view the test certificate:

$ cd /opt/freeware/cimom/pegasus/etc

$ openssl x509 -noout -in ./cert.pem -subject -dates -hash -fingerprint

subject= /C=UK/ST=Berkshire/L=Reading/O=The Open Group/OU=The OpenPegasus Project/CN=PEGASUS TEST CERTIFICATE-DO NOT USE

notBefore=Aug 27 09:09:25 2014 GMT

notAfter=Aug 24 09:09:25 2024 GMT


SHA1 Fingerprint=8C:95:90:02:73:E4:9A:06:26:77:16:F2:98:28:EA:77:B1:94:72:DB

To generate and install a new certificate follow these instructions:

The cimserver  listens by default on port 6988 however this can be changed in the following file:

$ cat /opt/freeware/cimom/pegasus/etc/cimlistener.conf







The cimserver configuration file is: /opt/freeware/cimom/pegasus/etc/cimserver_current.conf however this file should not edited directly. To make changes use the cimconfig command. The default behaviour is to use SSL for communications, however this can also be disabled if required.

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