Thursday, 14 February 2013

More logging

AIX has some optional logging that can prove invaluable when debugging a problem.

1. A good example of this is SNMP. You can verify operation either locally or remotely as follows:

# snmpinfo -m get sysdescr.0 = "IBM PowerPC CHRP Computer
Machine Type: 0x0800004c Processor id: 00C9B8FA4C00
Base Operating System Runtime AIX version: 06.01.0008.0000
TCP/IP Client Support version: 06.01.0008.0001"

If this command fails, or gives unexpected results, you can configure logging by editing the "/etc/snmpd.conf" as follows and then restarting the deamon:

logging         file=/usr/tmp/snmpd.log         enabled
logging         size=100000                     level=4

The default logging level is "0" which means no logging. The log is circular and restricted to the maximum size in bytes.

Once you restart the snmpd daemon you should start to see all kinds of useful messages.

2. The inetd super daemon can produce all kinds of debugging information. Simply restart the daemon with "-d" option. Messages are logged by syslog.

3. AIX 6.1 can now manage the logs produced by the cron daemon. This is controlled by the "/etc/cronlog.conf" file. You must restart cron in order for the changes to take effect.

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