Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Printer accounting

A simple but seldom used function of process-accounting is the ability to track printer usage, an perhaps to (internally) charge. Individual printer usage can be logged and reports produced as follows:

1. Create a log file 
touch /var/log/printer.log

2. Add an entry to the print device stanza in "/etc/qdaemon"
acctfile = /var/log/printer.log

3. Restart the printer daemon
stopsrc -s qdaemon ; startsrc -s qdaemon

Now when a job is submitted it is added to the accounting file which can be read as follows:

# /usr/sbin/pac -Php_6030_pcl
  Login               pages/feet   runs               price
root                        1.00    1                USD .02

total                       1.00    1                USD .02

See the "pac" man page for charging options.


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