Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Undeleting files

Have you ever accidentally deleted a file and wished you had a "Recycle Bin" like in Windows? Well now you can!

j2restore is an IBM DeveloperWorks project that offers a possibility to un-delete files:


wget --no-check-certificate

The only two small catches are that you have to register the tool and purchase a licence, and the filesystem has to be un-mounted during the recovery.


unzip ./
Archive:  ./
  inflating: j2restorelist53
  inflating: j2restorelist61
  inflating: j2restoredemo53
  inflating: j2restoredemo61

chmod 0750 j*

Running the tool:
j2restorelist v1.51, Author: Wu Jian Jun <>
Usage: j2restorelist [--fast | -f] [--partial | -p : no|yes|all] <file system>

To get full functional j2restore, pls send following machine ID to <>:

umount /test

./j2restoredemo61 -r /test
output file: /var/j2restore/report.log
report only flag: on (just report, no restore action)
fast flag: off (block scan)
partial flag: no (only scan complete file)
Scaning directories...
100% finished
Scaning inodes...
 85.71% finished

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