Monday, 12 May 2014

IBM Faces a rocky time (Latest press release)

Maybe it is just me but I read this article ( and could not help thinking that this is probably the biggest missed opportunity of the century?

If you ask any IT Manager what they are doing they will doubtless tell you that "they are moving to the cloud" or "going opensource", however the reality is always something different. It is a bit like asking somebody "how often they have sex". They will almost never give you an honest answer, but more likely one that sounds "normal" or makes them sound good etc.

There will always be a gap between our desires and aspirations, and the harsh reality of day to day life, and IT is no different. Even if you wish to get rid of every piece of IBM equipment, or trace of AIX or i5OS, the reality is that this can take a huge amount of planning, and years of effort to achieve. It is because of this that I think IBM really screwed-up by effectively abandoning their OS users.

If I were in charge of AIX/i5 development I would be looking for as many ways as possible to build-in tools and utilities that made migration easier whilst providing more compatibility and lower licencing costs. This would mean that users were more likely to stick with their Power hardware whilst running parallel Linux and AIX/i5 workloads.

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