Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Viewing the contents of a disk without varying on the VG

It can be very dangerous to attempt to import or varyon a disk that has been used as a boot disk because if it has the same logical volume names as those in your rootvg, it will render the system unbootable.

To view a disk without varying it on:

# lqueryvg -p hdisk0 -L
00c9b8fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.1   backup_lv 1
00c9b8fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.2   loglv01 1
00c9b8fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.3   fslv19 1
00c9b8fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.4   was70bkp 1
00c9b8fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.5   paging00 1
00c9b8fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.6   fixes_lv 1

The above disk would not be a problem, however if it contained a rootvg you should not vary it on:

# lqueryvg -p hdisk2 -L
00c9b8fb00004c0000000132da76b3ae.1   hd5 1
00c9b8fb00004c0000000132da76b3ae.2   hd6 1
00c9b8fb00004c0000000132da76b3ae.3   hd8 1
00c9b8fb00004c0000000132da76b3ae.4   hd4 1
00c9b8fb00004c0000000132da76b3ae.5   hd2 1
00c9b8fb00004c0000000132da76b3ae.6   hd9v

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