Wednesday, 4 December 2013

SystemScan AIX launched.

Today marks the end of more than two years of work for us and SystemScan AIX is now available. Please see: for details.

SystemScan runs more than 600 tests which are then compiled into either CSV, HTML, Plaintext, or XML files. If you choose HTML option:

  • The results are compiled into a clear and concise (mini-website) report complete with a risks and issues summary. 
  • Each test comes complete with a helpfile containing an explanation of the results as well as tips and tricks.
  • No local webserver or external connection is required to create the reports, the idea being that you can transfer the reulting files to a PC or internal website where they can be viewed by auditors, managers, (external) consultants, and first-line support.
  • Viewers do not need to apply for root access to view the results no no time has to be lost making costly and time consuming access requests.
The clear-text, CSV, and XML can be exported to databases and spreadsheets in order to mine the data and produce unlimited reports.

SystemScan AIXonly uses standard AIX commands and is written using Korn/Posix shell scripts so all the tests can be viewed by auditors and security officers, and even amended or extended as required.

The idea is to eventually build an open-source type community that can make improvements and suggest new tests that can benefit others, or if preferred we can produce a tailored version/module(s) for your private use.

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