Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Why the PC industry is dying

This is not really an AIX tip, but it does effect all my daily work and so I thought I would still have a rant! :)

Last week the USB Ports failed on my HP laptop so I enquired about a repair. To their credit HP were very helpful and it can be done so long as I can get the machine to London. I then went to a local IT chain and asked for a second opinion just in case they could order the part and thus save me time by fitting it locally...

There response was unsuprising. "It would be cheaper to buy a new one" which got me thinking. Whilst this is true the value of the software that I have installed is greater than the cost of the new machine, and coupled with all the hassle of re-installing the apps etc, makes it a complete nightmare for me, and most likely many other people.

You are probably wondering what the point of this post is?

I think that if Microsoft, and perhaps also IBM et al, could come up with a way to effectively CLONE your configuration (licences, activations, etc) from your original machine to a new one. Once you were happy, have some way of nuking the original and perhaps recycling the parts, this could be a great way to encourage people to update and upgrade?

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