Friday, 29 August 2014

Running a server in Turbocore Mode

You can configure a model 780 or 795 server to run in TurboCore mode (rather than the standard MaxCore mode) in order to improve performance of processes that cannot take advantage of threading. In this mode up to half of the processor cores on each single-chip module (SCM) are disabled and their L3 cache is made available to the active processor cores on the chip, which provides a performance boost to the active cores.

The number of cores used in TurboCore mode is equal to the number of activated processors, but only up to a maximum of half the number of cores physically installed.

A server with 32 physical processor cores (14 activated), running in TurboCore mode. If you re-IPL the system and switch to MaxCore mode, you now have 14 processor cores running in MaxCore mode. The same is true if you switch from TurboCore to MaxCore mode.

If the server has an odd number of activated cores only half the number of physical cores will be available.

There are special rules that apply when ordering a 780 or 795 that is intended to be used in TurboCore mode. The server can be delivered ready configured in this mode.

The change applies to the entire server and not just an LPAR and is managed via the ASMI interface.

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